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Latest Updates from the CSiDIR

CSiDIR Members Attend the American Physics Society March Meeting

Graduate students and faculty from both the Glotzer and Lindsey group attended this year’s American Physics Society meeting in Minneapolis Minnesota and had the opportunity to present their research through oral research talks and poster presentations. Congratulations to those who had the opportunity to attend!

Tobias Dwyer Publishes in Soft Matter

Tobias, a chemical engineering graduate student in the Glotzer Group has published on the work he presented at the Inagural CSiDIR Summer Student and Postdoc Seminar Series. In his paper, he engineers host guest colloidal crystals with his collaborators in the Glotzer group. Tobias noted: “This is my personal first, first author paper and I was incredibly happy to have shared a sneak preview of the work at CSiDIR, as well as having everyone be able to read the full work now in Soft Matter“. Congratulations, Tobias!

The Larson Group Publishes in Nature npj Computational Materials

The Larson group is collaborating with the group of Elnaz Hajizadeh from University of Melbourne, Australia on Machine Learning of Coarse-Graining in Polymer Modeling. Recently, the team published their work in Nature npj Computational Materials. Congratulations, Larson Group!

Christina Rice’s Waxy-oil Gelation Study is Published in the Journal of Rheology

Christina (Larson Lab) and Conor (Larson Lab alumnus), along with collaborators Dr. Shetty, Dr. Mahir, and Professor Larson, published a journal article titled: Precipitated wax content and yield stress of model wax-oil mixtures determined by arrest of flow during cooling at fixed stress. The paper was published in the Journal of Rheology and explores the impact of parameters such as wax composition and cooling rate on waxy oil gelation. This work can be applied to flow assurance in oil pipelines and gives insights useful for model development going forward. Congratulations, Christina!

Professor Lindsey Receives the 2023 American Institute of Chemical Engineering Computational Molecular Science and Engineering Forum Young Investigator Award

Asst. Prof. Rebecca Lindsey has been announced as the recipient of the 2023 Computational Molecular Science and Engineering Forum Young Investigator Award which recognizes outstanding research in this field. She is cited “for transformative advances in understanding chemistry under extreme conditions, made possible by her pioneering developments in machine learned interatomic model frameworks.” Congratulations, Professor Lindsey

Samuel Young’s Computational Perovskite Oxynitride  Screening Study is Published in ACS Chemistry of Materials

Professor Goldsmith Promoted to Associate Professor

Tommy Waltmann wins 1st Place for Poster Presentation

The Simulation Center Holds its Inaugural 
Summer Student and Postdoc Seminar and Happy Hour

Center activities were kicked off with a seminar by Postdoc Zhiqiang Shen of the Larson group followed by happy hour at Rappourt