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Become a Member

Any University of Michigan Chemical Engineering (CHE) or CHE affiliated faculty, graduate students, postdocs, or research staff may join. To become a member, simply fill out this form.

Join the Leadership

Reach out to the Liaison to the Director for opportunities to join the Student and Posdoc Leadership Team!

Submit Artwork

The center Research page (to be published) will features artwork from members’ simulations. Submit yours by filling out this form.

Sign Up for a Seminar

We hold once-monthly seminars featuring either two graduate students (30 min each) or one postdoc (1 hr), designed to expose members to diverse perspectives and provide a framework for receiving feedback from the broader center community. Presentation of both “complete” research stories and “in-progress” efforts are welcome.  Sign up by filling out this form.

Submit Some News

Did you recently pass your DCE/TPE? Earn an award? Successfully defend? Secure a job/post-doc position? Win a ballroom dancing competition?! Let us know so we can show you off!  Submit your news by filling out this form.

Courses and Programs

The following courses are likely to be of interest to center members:

You may also want to consider joining the following programs:

Award Opportunities

Awards related to Physics-based Simulation, modeling and Machine Learning

Upcoming Conferences and Workshops